Discover some of Corsica's most beautiful beaches

The Balagne region is a centre of natural and cultural diversity in Corsica.

The micro-region of Balagne, located in the North-West of the so-called "Island of Beauty," extends from Nebbio (Agriates desert) and Fango valley (Galeria), bounded by the Cinto mountain range.

The main towns are Calvi and Ile Rousse.
The coastline of Balagne is a genuine jewel, a series of fine sandy beaches, ideal for swimming and sporting activities.
There are also a number of villages that are worth exploring such as Calenzana, Lama, Pietralba, Palasca or even Galeria.
Our hotel is located in Calvi, in the heart of the wonderful region of Balagne where you'll also meet our staff, who keenly await your arrival.

Balagne beaches

• Coming from the direction of Calvi, Bodri beach is the last bay before Ile Rousse.
Algajola beach and Saint-Ambroggio beach, half way between Calvi and Ile Rousse. La Pinède beach in Calvi, opposite the citadel.
Lozari beach, 7 km from Ile Rousse

Towns and villages in Balagne

• Around Calvi: Algajola, Aregno, Avapessa, Cateri, Lavatoggio, Sant'Antonino, Lumio, Montegrosso, Zilia, Calenzana, Moncale, Calvi, Galeria and Manso.
• Ile-Rousse and surrounding area: Corbara, Ile-Rousse, Monticello, Pigna and Santa-Reparata-di-Balagna.
• Other villages of interest include: Lama, Pietralba, Urtaca, Novella, Palasca, Belgodere, Costa, Feliceto, Occhiatana, Muro, Nessa, Speloncato, Ville di Paraso, Mausoleo, Olmi Cappella, Pioggiola and Vallica
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