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Our charming establishment, a hotel which is full of character, is the ideal place to stay in Calvi whether you're holidaying as a couple, a family or with friends! Choose the bedroom that best suits you and set off to explore Balagne and the Haute Corse.

You can also take advantage of our ticketing and car rental service which will take the hassle out of your holiday in Calvi, Balagne. The Abbaye hotel is the ideal place to spend your holidays in Calvi!
4 star hotel in Calvi.

Charm, comfort and quality.
Are you looking for a 4* hotel in Calvi? Visit the Hostellerie de l'Abbaye! The Hostellerie de l'Abbaye is an exceptionally charming hotel, in an idyllic geographical location and setting.
Corsica is 12 km from Sardinia, 90 km from Italy and 170 km from Nice. It's a 30 minute flight to Nice and 1.5 hours to Paris.
Calvi, the capital of the Balagne region, is in the North West of the island and is well connected by air and sea.

It boasts 7 km of fine sandy beaches, dotted with beach restaurants and bordered by a magnificent protected pine forest; in addition its offers a range of activities and water sports, making it one of the island's most desirable resorts.
By choosing our 4 star hotel in Calvi, you'll ensure that you spend a dream holiday in Corsica! If you wish to book a hotel room, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If these walls could talk...

The hotel is erected within the walls of the former church of the Franciscan Monastery. The first S. Francesco Vecchio monastery was built in the 13th century by the order of the Friars Minor, on the tip of Saint François, in the west of the town.
It was destroyed in 1555 during the city siege, events which then led to the construction of a second convent in the place known as "agnelle".
The size of the church gives an idea of the area previously covered by the entire complex.
The second S Francesco Nuovo monastery had 11 monks when it was closed in 1792, after the French Revolution. On the 17th February 1814, 229 priests and laymen (mainly from the papal states) were locked up on the premises on the orders of Napoleon 1st because they had refused to swear an oath of allegiance and to accept the Civil Constitution of the Clergy.

They were freed two months later after the abdication of the Emperor.
The monastery gradually fell into disrepair until the second half of the 20th century when the church was converted to a fabulous hotel.

(Research Anne Dor 2001)
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